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Studio Nr. 113
Experiment Nr. 5. - Hoover
Gateway 9 - Poster (AR)
Studio Nr. 113

Neighbours from Hell? No one knows who lives in Studio 113. All we know is that he exists. He watches the telly every night, moves the furniture around… and makes his neighbours life a living hell. Or maybe „living” is not the best word. Because the tenant from 112 has gone missing! Not without a trace, though: it is up to you to figure what happened by solving the puzzles and cracking the codes left behind. We have a spare key, we’ll let you in. What’s that? You want to come out, too? Oh, gee, we may have forgotten to mention: no one has ever left Studio 113 before.

Experiment Nr. 5. - Hoover

There are times when it is not the dog that gets mad, but its owner… A crazy scientist began mysterious experiments, but the events soon slipped out of his hands. Now you need to be the dog’s most loyal friend, not the other way around. Are you able to do that? If so, sniff out all the clues and get out of the hot water as soon as possible!

Gateway 9 - Poster (AR)

Have you heard about that fateful séance when… Oh, wait, of course you haven’t – there’s no one left to tell the tale. There isn’t much we know – it appears some poor souls accidentally opened Gateway No. 9 when they were just trying to summon random demons. Yep, that’s right: Gateway No. 9, the passageway between this world and the world of the dead. Could you please pop down there and close it for us? And once you’re down there, could you also bring up the Book of the Dead with you? ’Cause that’s the key that locks the gate. Thanks a lot, we’ll be up here waiting for you. Probably forever…

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Studio Nr. 113 Experiment Nr. 5. - Hoover Gateway 9 - Poster (AR)
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