Safety regulations in ParaPark

I think most of you heard about the tragedy happened in a room escape game in Poland. We would like to ensure you that such tragedy can not happen in ParaPark.

What happened in Poland and what lead to the tragedy:

The fire was caused by the heating system was operated by gas tank. The gas tank exploded and the players could not escape from the fire.

The most important points why it can not happen in ParaPark:

1. heating is operated by an air conditioning system. Phisically no gas and no CO or CO2 can get into the game area

2. There is a paniq button in each of our tracks that we show for each teams right before the game. It means that anyone anytime can get out of the room in case of emergency.

3. There is a fire extinguisher in each tracks that sufficient to extinguish electrical fires as well

4. There is a fluorescent board above each door that shows the escape route even without lighting

5. Our colleagues follow what happens inside through cameras. In case of emergency we can help to the teams to get out phisically or via walkie talkie and of course we can open the doors immediatelly from outside.

6. We have installed a Fi relay to our electricity network that reduces the opportunity of the electrical fire


We were also schocked about the tragedy in Poland but get to the conclusion that we focus very much on the safety rules and such situation can not happen in ParaPark. 

Hopefully we could assuage all of you and see you soon in ParaPark! :)

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