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Parapark - Das original live escape game

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  • Neuigkeiten

    2020. 03. 24

    Quarantine Voucher is the cure against Pandemic Panic

    The time has come to buy our Quarantine Voucher worth 9000 HUF now only for just 6000 HUF! Don't miss out!


  • 2018. 08. 08

    Pay with credit/debit card

    You don't like bringing cash with you? Easier to pay with card? Now you can pay online or right before the game by card. Just make the reservation, and send a note to us!


  • 2018. 08. 08

    We are a really cool escape room!

    Get away from the heat and get your reservation to the 24 C of ParaPark! Air conditioning and the thick walls guarantee a calm shelter for you, away from the hot summer.


  • 2017. 08. 16

    Discount price for students in the ParaPark

    2000 HUF off on weekdays for students