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ParaPark - Reservation


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  • Studio Nr. 113

    Studio Nr. 113 escape game

  • Experiment Nr. 5. - Hoover

    Experiment Nr. 5. - Hoover

  • Gateway 9 - Poster (AR)

    Gateway 9 - Poster (AR)

Studio Nr. 113

Neighbours from Hell? No one knows who lives in Studio 113. All we know is that he exists. He watches the telly every night, moves the furniture around… and makes his neighbours life a living hell. Or maybe „living” is not the best word. Because the tenant from 112 has gone missing! Not without a trace, though: it is up to you to figure what happened by solving the puzzles and cracking the codes left behind. We have a spare key, we’ll let you in. What’s that? You want to come out, too? Oh, gee, we may have forgotten to mention: no one has ever left Studio 113 before.

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14. week


Studio Nr. 113 escape game room

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Room: Studio Nr. 113

Date: -

Group price: 9 000 HUF

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